Friday, December 7, 2012

My Dream - I wish come true

I saw dream few days ago that all Pakistani up to age o 40 years literate by my government ( I saw myself in government ) . I suspended all other activities , project and everything and ordered that everyone should teach basic education to people at least age 40 years in 6 months  . I appointed educational magistrate those checking people after 6 months about their literacy level .

I saw that every one engaged to provide education to illiterate people of country and after 6 months people were able to read and write their mother tongue
I woke up at morning with fresh feeling and later I thought about my dream...

My Dear country fellow : Can my dream come true ? is it possible to provide basic education  70 million uneducated people in the country in 6 months ? Idea of educational magistrate, those it work?


  1. v.Nice Dream
    Dream can come true exactly,y not?
    yes it is possible to provide basic education to 70 million un educated peoples of pakistan

  2. In Sha Allah your dream come true soon.